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12" Easyweed Adhesive
12" Easyweed Adhesive
12" Easyweed Adhesive

12" Easyweed Adhesive

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Add screen printing foil to any shirt with Siser EasyWeed Adhesive. EasyWeed™ Adhesive acts as glue to join foil and textiles with a shimmering metallic look (or even crinkle for a distressed look).

EasyWeed Adhesive has a carrier side and a material side. The carrier side is noticeably smoother and shinier than the material side. Not only can this product be used with screen printing foils, it also works with fabrics and other materials that lend themselves to adhesion.

EasyWeed Adhesive can be cut on any vinyl cutter and requires the typical steps before cutting Siser heat transfer vinyl. Make sure to mirror your design and place the carrier side face down on the cutting mat.

Heat Press Settings for EasyWeed™ Adhesive:

  • Temperature: 275°F/135°C
  • Pressure: Medium.

Application Instructions:

1. Start by preheating your garment for 2-3 seconds so you have a wrinkle and moisture free area to apply to. Place the adhesive with the carrier side face up, cover with a heat transfer cover sheet, and press for 5 seconds. Leave the garment on the heat press and peel the carrier hot. You’ll notice the shiny, clear adhesive is left behind.

2. Add screen printing foil. Cut a piece large enough to cover your design. Place the piece on top of the EasyWeed™ Adhesive with the color side up. Recover with your heat transfer cover sheet and press for 10 seconds. Notice how the adhesive has gripped the foil.

3. Remove the garment from the heat press and wait until the foil is cool to the touch. Your patience will be rewarded with a shiny, super cool garment!

Please Note: Actual width of 12" roll is 11.8".